Daneille Lynch Nicholson's children's book, Bump Under the Rug, illustrated by Lauren Zurcher, receives the Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award

Reviewed by Amy Louise Hill for Readers' Favorite

Bump Under the Rug by Danielle Lynch Nicholson sees a young girl named Kelsey sitting and eating breakfast. Suddenly, she hears a noise coming from upstairs. Her curiosity takes over, and she goes to investigate. Kelsey enters her bedroom and finds an unusual bump under her rug. Not knowing what to do, Kelsey yells for her dad, who comes rushing in. Her dad seems to fix the bumpy rug, and leaves the room. But Kelsey still has a bad feeling about it and once again hears the noise she heard before. She is scared and ponders the different things that could be lurking under there. Is it a spider looking for food? Or is it a doll setting up a tea party? Find out in this book.

Bump Under the Rug was fun to read. I felt intrigued as soon as I read the title; it grabbed my attention throughout the story. After reading the first few pages, it was clear Danielle Lynch Nicholson is a good writer. Her imagination knows no limits when it comes to captivating content for children. The story is simple yet effective in entertaining readers. The illustrations by Lauren Zurcher are creative and fit nicely with the storyline. The book also inspires children to face their fears, which is a great thing to teach them while they are young. I loved this book and hope Nicholson continues to write more soon.

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