Meet Our Author: Charlie Tran

Charlie Tran was born in Texas and lives there today. As an Early Childhood Educator for nearly six years, he taught kinderprep and summer camp programs. Tran’s favorite part of the job was reading books to his students. With his own children’s book, he hopes to encourage young readers to discover self-love and ambition. In addition to learning, Tran enjoys fitness, fashion, and good food.

For nearly 6 years, I taught early childhood education, and one of my favorite aspects of the profession was reading to my classes. I loved that every book we read, taught a valuable lesson.

Growing up as an Asian American, I was faced with all kinds of adversity and experiences. Although I am still very young, I have a voice that I want the masses to listen to. Which is the reason I chose to write children’s book to teach again through captivating stories and eye-catching illustrations.

I hope through my books, not only children, but people of all ages are able to learn something from me. --Charlie Tran 

Visit @writtenbycharlietran for more.

Stay tuned for his upcoming book "Amelia, You Are!" with illustrations by Lauren Zurcher.

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