Book 2 of The Source Series by A.J. Witt

Poem by Drew Joiner #BlackVoicesMatter #BlackLivesMatter 

Sylvie Feghali Smith presents 'A Glimpse into my Life' 

Sylvie Feghali Smith #1 on Amazon Free Kindle

The Source by A.J. Witt at the 2020 COSine Convention

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I highly recommend Spring Cedars as an affordable worry-free, yet superior alternative to self publishing. They can take over the entire process for you or only perform the services you need help with, they are unique in this aspect and very professional. Engaging Spring Cedars would truly make one’s book a much better product, mine is certainly an excellent proof.

I appreciated the much needed guidance I received as a first time author and very much enjoyed working with Audrey. She was calm, patient, prompt, professional and understanding throughout the process. Her edits and design cover added a lot of value to my book. I especially appreciated how easy she was to work with. She consistently took my input into consideration making editing and cover design a true team effort. She cared about the end product as much I did, and I am very pleased with how the book turned out.

Sylvie Feghali Smith


We hired Spring Cedars to edit artist bios, articles, as well as to produce our exhibition catalogues. They are knowledgeable and have a unique commitment to excellence. I can’t speak highly enough of this Publisher and Audrey. Her editing, design, and communication skills and attention to detail are exceptional. Perhaps the best part is she is a joy to work with. We will continue to work with Spring Cedars as the need arises. 

Tricia Boone


At first, I was quite intimidated by the thought of writing and publishing my own book, but working with Spring Cedars took away a lot of stress. Everyone at the company has great, positive energy.

Lauren Z.


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