A hybrid publishing solution where editing, book production, distribution, and marketing are fun, customizable, affordable, and fair. 

  • I was so pleased with the service from Spring Cedars Publishers. They were so thorough, made the process seamless, and the expertise in editing, formatting, and art were fantastic. Audrey... Read more

    Dennis Labiuk Avatar Dennis Labiuk

    Professional, personal and timely. I highly recommend!

    Mark Surls Avatar Mark Surls

    Spring Cedars is a wonderful hybrid publishing company. I recently worked with them & cannot express how engaged, helpful and supportive they were to see my story dreams to fruition... Read more

    G3Chloe Avatar G3Chloe

    Spring Cedars made the publishing journey simple and straightforward. Their model is author-friendly and I am very pleased with the outcome- #1 on Amazon in its category.

    Andrew Feghali Avatar Andrew Feghali
  • Working with Audrey at Spring Cedars was a joyful experience. The hands on guidance through different stages of publishing process was an invaluable and much needed learning venture for my... Read more

    James Rosser Avatar James Rosser

    Great publisher to work with for our new book on the 7-Eleven cycling team!

    Geoff Drake Avatar Geoff Drake

    When I began my journey to have my book published, I thought my manuscript was perfect. The team at Spring Cedars inspired me to make it better. It is twice... Read more

    Michael Ruark Avatar Michael Ruark

    At times the obstacles that we create can be the end of the road for our dreams and aspirations. I have been writing for a long time, and my obstacles... Read more

    Marco Soto Avatar Marco Soto
  • A pleasure working with Audrey. She is bright, well informed, responsive and professional.

    Daniel Tyler Avatar Daniel Tyler

    Wonderful folks, very professional, intelligent and considerate. I could give them more stars, I would.

    Robert Berky Avatar Robert Berky

    It was an honor to have my second children's book, "Bump Under the Rug," selected by Spring Cedars Publisher! It has been nothing but a pleasant experience working with this... Read more

    Danielle Lynch Nicholson Avatar Danielle Lynch Nicholson

    I would have published my book, “The Adventure of Wiping”, a long time ago had I known about Spring Cedars. I was worried about finding both a publisher and... Read more

    Sam Elkhoury Avatar Sam Elkhoury
  • Very impressed by this woman-run business. Audrey is knowledgeable, professional and on top of her game. Very easy and enjoyable to work with. Spring Cedars is setting a standard for... Read more

    Zeina Alejandro Siblesz Avatar Zeina Alejandro Siblesz

    I highly recommend Spring Cedars as an affordable worry-free, yet superior alternative to self publishing. They can take over the entire process for you or only perform the services you... Read more

    Sylvie S Avatar Sylvie S

    I have worked with Audrey and Spring Cedars on two book / editing projects as well as recommended a number of folks to work with them. The team is... Read more

    Nathan Parcells Avatar Nathan Parcells

    I wrote a book. Had a book cover. But I had no clue where to begin when considering someone to format my book- one compatible for ebook and paperback. Pressed for... Read more

    Jessica Stephens Avatar Jessica Stephens
  • Spring Cedars edited my book. They were helpful, and the price is reasonable. I highly recommend. They did a great job editing. I would use them again.

    Jina Kim Avatar Jina Kim

    We hired Spring Cedars to edit artist bios, articles, as well as to produce our exhibition catalogues. They are knowledgeable and have a unique commitment to excellence. I can’t speak... Read more

    Tricia Boone Avatar Tricia Boone
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