A hybrid publishing solution where editing, book production, distribution, and marketing is fun, customizable, affordable, and fair. 

We don't have a strict submission policy.

You don’t need a finished manuscript to work with us.

We remove the middleman so there's no need for a literary agent.

We offer a variety of high-quality à la carte services.

You can create and customize your own publishing package.

We respect your rights and desires.

You aren’t put through a boilerplate procedure.

We take a personal approach and build lasting relationships.

You earn a much larger percentage on sales.

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Zeina Hamad, author of the Matti & Massi Missions children's series.

Book 2 of The Source Series by A.J. Witt

Poem by Drew Joiner #BlackVoicesMatter #BlackLivesMatter 

Sylvie Feghali Smith presents 'A Glimpse into my Life' 

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The Source by A.J. Witt at the 2020 COSine Convention

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