Spoken Lebanese


By Maksoud N. Feghali, Phd
Illustrated by Lauren Zurcher


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Are you traveling to the Levantine region? Of Lebanese ancestry? Or simply looking to impress your Lebanese friends? Whatever your reasons, if you aspire to learn the Lebanese dialect, Spoken Lebanese is your guide.

This phonetic textbook teaches the Lebanese dialect through topics such as food, clothing, transportation, and leisure activities. It focuses on vocabulary and phrases; touches on grammar, conjugation, and culture; provides short dialogues accompanied by audio; and includes reinforcement exercises.

Dr. Maksoud N. Feghali drafted Spoken Lebanese based on a phonetic system he developed to learn the dialect with ease and speed. With a comprehensive lexicon, it is a great tool to practice together with a fluent speaker.

Download Spoken Lebanese Audio

Print Spoken Lebanese Phonetic Symbols Card

About the Author: Originally from Bsous, Lebanon, Dr. Maksoud N. Feghali (1949–1999) was born and raised in the town of Hazmieh, a suburb of Beirut. In 1974, he emigrated to the United States, eventually earning his PhD from Michigan’s Wayne State University. Starting in 1982, Dr. Feghali taught Arabic at the Defense Language Institute in California and co-authored the Arabic Basic Course, as well as co-developed the Defense Language Proficiency Test. In 1989, he joined Appalachian State University, a member institution of the University of North Carolina, as Professor of French and Director of the French Exchange Program. Dr. Feghali lectured extensively on Lebanon, France, the Middle East, Francophone culture and literature, English as a second language, and foreign language acquisition.

About the Illustrator: Lauren Zurcher is an award-winning illustrator from Colorado. She began her journey as an artist when drawing about family vacations across the world. The geography, peoples, fauna, and culture are the source of her inspiration. Lauren lives in New York and loves bringing stories to life with colorful and playful visuals.


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