Bump Under the Rug


By Danielle Lynch Nicholson
Illustrated by Lauren Zurcher
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Kelsey hears a strange sound in her bedroom and discovers a bump under the rug. She tries to fall asleep, but her imagination runs wild. 
What could be hiding underneath that rug?
Can Kelsey face her fears and solve the mystery?
A Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient. 

Bump Under the Rug
Danielle Lynch Nicholson, Illustrated by Lauren Zurcher
26 pages
8.5 x 8.5 in

Danielle Lynch Nicholson

Danielle Lynch Nicholson is an award-winning former newspaper reporter and editor who resides in Pennsylvania with her family. When Danielle finds an unfinished writing assignment from fourth grade in a keepsake box, she decides to complete the story and publishes Bump Under the Rug (2021). The book celebrates imagination and empowers children to face their fears. It received the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award.

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Lauren Zurcher

Lauren Zurcher began her journey as an illustrator at the age of six drawing and writing in her journal about family vacations across the world. She lives in Colorado and loves bringing stories to life with colorful and playful visuals.

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