Everyone has the freedom to publish.

Let us be your personal guide through the publishing journey.


Our mission is to empower and provide authors with the support they need to realize their aspirations while making the publishing process fun, personal, less intimidating, and affordable.  


Spring Cedars discovers, nurtures, and disseminates new voices, ideas, and stories. The company was created to offer authors a better publishing alternative. 

As a hybrid publisher, we help writers at every stage of the publishing process by offering the professional assistance, opportunity, and protection of traditional publishing while preserving the freedom, input, and rights of the author. 

We provide customizable à la carte services including editing, production, distribution, and marketing. Please click HERE to find your perfect solution. 


Spring Cedars is Your Personal Publisher: we work directly with you to help you achieve your goals.

The publishing process is complex and lengthy. It is rigid, competitive, and very costly. Authors are often left with little royalties and no rights. See what you get with Spring Cedars. 

◦ We don't have a strict submission policy.

◦ You don’t need a finished manuscript to work with us.

◦ We remove the middleman so there's no need for a literary agent.

◦ You are included in all steps of the process.

◦ We offer a variety of high-quality à la carte services.

◦ You can create and customize your own publishing package.

◦ We respect your rights and desires.

◦ You aren’t put through a boilerplate procedure.

◦ We take a personal approach and build lasting relationships.

◦ You earn a much larger percentage on sales.


Spring Cedars will help you turn your dream into a reality. 

Sign up for your free consultation to find out how you can become a published author.

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