Let us be your personal guide through the publishing journey.


Spring Cedars was created to offer a better publishing alternative. As a hybrid publisher, we help writers at every stage of the publishing process by offering the professional assistance, opportunity, and protection of traditional publishing while preserving the freedom, input, and rights of the author. 

Our mission is to empower and provide writers with the support they need to realize their aspirations while making the publishing process fun, customizable, affordable, and fair. Our services include editing, artwork, book production, distribution, and marketing. 

Spring Cedars is Your Personal Publisher: we work directly with you to help you achieve your goals.

◦ You don’t need a finished manuscript to work with us.

◦ We remove the middleman so there's no need for a literary agent.

◦ You are included in all steps of the process.

◦ We offer a variety of high-quality customizable services and packages.

◦ You aren’t put through a boilerplate procedure.

◦ We respect your rights and desires.

◦ You earn a much larger percentage on sales.

◦ We take a personal approach and build lasting relationships.



Very impressed by this woman-run business. Audrey is knowledgeable, professional and on top of her game. Very easy and enjoyable to work with. Spring Cedars is setting a standard for the industry.

Zeina Hamad
Author of Matti and Massi Missions


I highly recommend Spring Cedars as an affordable worry-free, yet superior alternative to self publishing. They can take over the entire process for you or only perform the services you need help with, they are unique in this aspect and very professional. Engaging Spring Cedars would truly make one’s book a much better product, mine is certainly an excellent proof.

I appreciated the much needed guidance I received as a first time author and very much enjoyed working with Audrey. She was calm, patient, prompt, professional and understanding throughout the process. Her edits and design cover added a lot of value to my book. I especially appreciated how easy she was to work with. She consistently took my input into consideration making editing and cover design a true team effort. She cared about the end product as much I did, and I am very pleased with how the book turned out.

Sylvie Feghali Smith
Author of A Glimpse into my Life: A Collection of Micro-Memoirs


At first, I was quite intimidated by the thought of writing and publishing my own book, but working with Spring Cedars took away a lot of stress. Everyone at the company has great, positive energy.

Lauren Zurcher
Author of They Call Me Lucky


We hired Spring Cedars to edit artist bios, articles, as well as to produce our exhibition catalogues. They are knowledgeable and have a unique commitment to excellence. I can’t speak highly enough of this Publisher and Audrey. Her editing, design, and communication skills and attention to detail are exceptional. Perhaps the best part is she is a joy to work with. We will continue to work with Spring Cedars as the need arises. 

Tricia Boone
Agent at 73 Art Agency


I write weekly articles for my business and have Spring Cedars edit and proofread the work. They are timely, professional, sincere, and reliable. Highly recommend for any and all editing!

Nadim T.
Co-Founder & Managing Director at High Rocky Homes


I had been toying with the idea of publishing a biography and needed a ton of help figuring out how to proceed with the project. I shopped around quite a bit and from the get go I liked SpringCedars’ approach and honest feedback. The editor I’m working with (Audrey) is sooooo patient and knowledgeable. The biography is of a foreign born person with lots of different cultural references which she had no problem with thanks to her own international background and exposure. I highly recommend using SpringCedars for all publishing needs.

Pat Parker


Spring Cedars edited my book. They were extremely helpful, and the price is reasonable. I highly recommend them! They did a great job editing my book. Audrey was like my life coach. She motivated me to finish!!

Jina Kim
Advisor at Quotabook, Blogger at Who Is Jina Kim


I have worked with Audrey and Spring Cedars on two book/editing projects as well as recommended a number of folks to work with them. The team is extremely responsive, professional and does expert work. Can’t recommend them enough.

Nathan Parcells
Founder & Executive Coach at Sharpend


I wrote a book. Had a book cover. But I had no clue where to begin when considering someone to format my book- one compatible for ebook and paperback. Pressed for time, I scoured through hundreds of potential formatters online but I didn't find one that  I felt at peace about. I called my cousin, and she introduced me to Spring Cedars Publishing company. I perused the website and gave a quick call. Within minutes of speaking with Audrey, I knew she was going to get the job done...and done well. Her professionalism was evident. But more importantly, the level of efficiency and quality service I received was most appreciated. Lastly, as a busy mother of two under two, I really am thankful for Audrey's flexibility. There were many times when I needed something redone, not due to any mishaps incurred by Audrey, but because I overlooked something. For that, I'm most grateful. If you're looking for quality service, quick turnarounds, and a trustworthy partnership, Spring Cedars is the place to go.

Jessica Stephens
Blogger at PonderedThought


I would have published my book, “The Adventure of Wiping”, a long time ago had I known about Spring Cedars. I was worried about finding both a publisher and an illustrator that would bring my book to life. They took care of everything for a great price! I am now writing my second book and can’t wait to see the magic that will happen when I hand it over to Spring Cedars!

Samuel Elkhoury
Author of The Adventure of Wiping

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