Bella Dreams of Whipped Cream


By Diane Petrozzo
Illustrated by Lauren Zurcher
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Bella, a curious twelve-year-old Golden Retriever, stumbles across her neighbor dog devouring whipped cream. Ever since that day, she dreams about tasting that special, white, fluffy treat. When her family moves away, Bella is taken to an animal shelter. As the days and weeks go by, whipped cream seems further out of reach than ever before. Will someone rescue her from the shelter and make her sweetest dream ever come true?

This is a story about dreams, friendship, and love regardless of age and circumstances.

About the Author: Diane Petrozzo is a retired Human Resources professional and teacher who has dedicated her life to rescuing dogs, in particular seniors. Her love for dogs began at the age of six, when a stray followed Diane’s brothers home and was immediately adopted by her family. Diane was a board member and co-foster coordinator at the Retriever Rescue of Colorado, where she continues to volunteer today. Her mission is to highlight the value of senior dogs and to promote their adoption. Diane is an outdoor enthusiast and can always be seen walking her rescue dog, Remy, to the local coffee shop for a pup cup.

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About the Illustrator: Lauren Zurcher is an award-winning children’s book illustrator from Colorado. She began her journey as an artist when drawing about family vacations across the world. The geography, peoples, fauna, and culture are the source of her inspiration. Lauren lives in New York and loves bringing stories to life with colorful and playful visuals.


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Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 in



978-1-950484-95-9 (paperback)
978-1-950484-96-6 (hardback)