Chemistry Saves the Day: Jeanetta and the Climacteric Reaction


By Brianna Florence
Illustrated by Ana Villafraz
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Jeanetta is looking forward to eating Dad’s famous banana pudding. But, uh-oh, the bananas are still green! Can science help ripen the fruit? Let’s find out with a climacteric reaction.

This book series makes chemistry fun with safe and engaging experiments. Follow along as Jeanetta uses her knowledge of chemistry to solve everyday challenges.

About the Author: Brianna Florence earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and enjoys sharing her love for science. She created the Chemistry Saves The Day book series to encourage children to think about chemistry in a fun way. Brianna hopes that her young readers discover the importance of science in everything we do.

About the Illustrator: Ana Villafraz was born in Venezuela and brings stories to life through colorful illustrations. Ana enjoys dancing salsa, eating chocolate, and sipping coffee.


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978-1-950484-93-5 (paperback)