The New Fairy Tale For All Ages

Four curiously gifted children from different parts of the world come together in a kingdom ruled by a peanut brittle addicted monarch who wishes to destroy their uniqueness in his quest for absolute power.

When Izzerdory dances, everyone and everything dances with her. With ears the size of dinner plates, Doughfan hears all the sounds of the world and beyond. Zephyie reads the past, present, and future in the clouds. Tenzing finds knowledge in the currents of waterways and oceans. These youngsters are fated to sail across malevolent seas, hike high mountains, experience imprisonment, and float winding rivers deep within the earth to confront the greedy, peanut-brittle-addicted monarch who has a bad attitude, and very bad teeth.

R.W. BERKY is an Obie Award–winning theatrical clown artist who has performed, directed, and taught all over the world. Now he branches into the world of literature with a fairy tale that will capture the minds of all ages.

The Little Book of Wonders is Berky's first novel, and when it came time to put it on audio, SKYBOAT MEDIA were excited for two different reasons:

One: We simply could not get enough of this story and Berky’s endearing characters. Two: Berky was actually a student of Stefan’s back in the day at the University of Rochester!
Stefan and Berky worked together on many plays and projects, and with The Little Book of Wonders, they had the chance to come together once again to create something truly special. Add on Gabrielle de Cuir to fill out the cast of narrators, and this story is ready to soar! -- Skyboat Media

Listen to a sample of the audiobook HERE.

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