Writing a book about travel? We could publish your book in 2021

When we can’t travel, we should read books instead

2020 has put a sudden stop to several things we once considered normal, but one of the most significant disruptions is being unable to travel like we used to. However, many avid readers know that if you’re unable to travel, the next best thing is reading. Fiction and nonfiction books alike transport us to extraordinary places, both imaginary and real, allowing us to escape and explore the world from the comfort of our homes.

Just as it’s easy to get lost reading a travel book, it’s also just as easy—even therapeutic—to conjure up your own adventure story and write vividly about the destinations you’ve always wanted to visit. Whether you do extensive research to paint the perfect picture of the world’s wonders, or take a more fantastical approach to your writing, we’d love to hear your travel-inspired journeys and help you publish a book in 2021.


Are you writing a book for children? Include travel and teach children to travel with their imaginations

One of the best and most creative ways to not only get children reading, but to also learn about other cultures, places, and people, is to introduce them to the wonderful worlds found in books. Early next year, Spring Cedars is publishing a travel book for children titled Matti & Massi Missions by Zeina Hamad. It’s an adventurous story about two brothers racing to complete missions around the world. Hamad hopes to educate young children on international cities, peoples, and causes through epic and captivating journeys.

When authors write books about different places, they foster children’s imaginations, encourage flexible thinking, and expose them to creative and unique solutions. Until we’re able to grab our passports again, check out some of these best books for the wanderlust reader.


2021 will undoubtably be a year full of travel wishes and subsequently, travel book manuscripts. If you have a rich story set in a faraway land, a foreign country, a small cityscape, or any place in between, allow us to get lost in your storybook map and get published in 2021.

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