Tell Your Story

The importance and benefits of sharing your story, for yourself and for others.

Stories have the power to transform lives. They provide new perspectives and connections that can help both the storyteller (you) as well as the reader (your audience).  

Why share your story?

  • build awareness and education, reveal a problem and/or present a solution
  • shine a light for others, become an inspiration, help others realize they are not alone
  • gain personal liberation and empowerment, build resilience, own your story
  • increase internal reflection and clarity, remember the lessons you learned  

How to share your story?

Telling your story is a valuable form of communication, but it can be a great challenge. It requires vulnerability, bravery, and persistence. Here are six tips to help you. 

  1. Resolve: decide to share your story, acknowledge it won’t be easy, fully commit to the project
  2. Write: don’t worry about how to start or making total sense, just get it out on paper
  3. Develop: read and rewrite, don’t worry about small details, focus on the greater message
  4. Edit: work with a professional to perfect the writing and structure
  5. Relax: prepare for possible negative responses, stay confident in your work
  6. Share: start with a small trustworthy audience, expand if it’s part of the goal, keep the purpose in mind

Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone wants a story to read. 

Need more advice and support? Please reach out, we are more than happy to guide you through the storytelling journey. 

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