Submitting Your Manuscript

Congratulations! You’ve just finalized your manuscript (with blood, sweat, and tears), and you’re ready to submit it to a publisher. Here are some tips before you send it over to Spring Cedars.
  1. Have you thought about your goals? It's important to have a clear reason and objective for publishing a manuscript.
  2. Is it the right length for your genre? Given the average reader’s attention span, it typically shouldn’t be more than 100,000 words.
  3. Have you read it out loud? It may sound tedious, but reading your manuscript out loud is tremendously beneficial. You’ll pick up on errors and be able to improve the pace and flow.
  4. Has someone else read it? It’s helpful to gain critical feedback from another angle. They can identity weaknesses and strengths and point you in the right direction.
  5. Has it gone through multiple drafts? Writing is a process that requires constant revision and sharpening. Don’t be afraid to rework the story several times.
  6. Have you set it aside? Stepping away and taking a break from your story is crucial. It will give you better perspective and objectivity.
  7. Are you proud of it? Confidence and optimism are crucial when submitting your story. Writing a manuscript is no easy task, be proud of your accomplishment and cherish your own work.
If you’ve answered yes to these 7 tips then don’t hesitate any longer. Submit your manuscript here:
We look forward to reviewing your work!

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