j.e.Rosser Receives the Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award

Reviewed by Cloie Belle Daffon for Readers' Favorite

Race is part of the Rebirth of Free Verse series by J.E. Rosser that explores beyond the normal boundaries of literature, fearlessly and skillfully melding poetry with intense emotions, expressing turmoil and order through various poems with unique,
eye-catching titles. Race explores the boundaries of reality with poetry.

This collection unfolds with various freestyle poems that explore an array of meaningful moments in time, various situations relating to racial identity, and reality. Emotions and expressions run freely in the different poems. Rebirth of Free Verse provoked my thoughts with every verse I came across. Rhythm is woven between the lines and it captures and observes the effects of racial identity in America and so much more. One poem that leaves such an intense impact is ‘Grey’. It made me think that in most scenarios, people can only see black and white, and often there is no middle ground, there is no grey. They either see a person as one or the other and it made me think about the conflicts that arise from such a mindset. I had to sit back and think about this poem for a moment. It was simple but its message was powerful and sad.

In this collection of poems, each one has its message that provoked strong emotions like happiness, fear, or devastation. Hate and love, chaos or order--the variety of poems I found in this book is outstanding and with every page turned, I looked forward to what subject the next poem would be about! Overall, Race by J.E. Rosser is an unexpected but riveting ride through a three-decade observation of racial identity in America. This is a collection of compelling poems that left an impact on my mind and heart. It left a deep impression that stayed with me long after I turned the last page.

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