Matti and Massi Missions book releases May 1

We’re thrilled to introduce you to two of our newest characters, Matti and Massi. Written by Zeina Hamad and illustrated by Ana Karina Quintero Villafraz, we invite you to join these two adventure-seeking brothers as they explore Italy in this exciting, fun, and lively picture book!

Meet adventure-seeking brothers in a race against time to complete missions around the globe.

Matti and Massi touch down in Italy and are handed their Mission Bag and Mission Checklist. Guided by their local Mission Coach Francesca, they must perform six tasks before their flight takes off for home. Will they be able to eat a gelato without sparing a drip? How many steps are there on the Spanish Steps? Who is Paola?

Join Matti and Massi on their journey through the streets of Rome and help them collect evidence before time runs out.

To meet the characters, check out a preview of the book in a trailer HERE. You can also follow along on their journey on Instagram.

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Author Zeina Hamad reading her book

Meet the author

Zeina Hamad, author of Matti and Massi Missions, graduated from the University of Virginia and earned her Master of Education from Marymount University. She is an elementary school teacher and has taught in the United States, Spain, and Dubai. You will often find Zeina on her yoga mat, reading a book, or traveling the world with her husband and two kids. She wishes to educate young children on international cities, peoples, and causes through epic and captivating journeys.

“Writing Matti and Massi Missions allows me to reminisce on the beautiful places I have been while adding the excitement and adventure through a kid’s eyes,” she said.

matti and massi missions, children's books, kid's lit, reading, writing, authors, new books
Happy readers with their copy of Matti and Massi Missions

Hamad had the pleasure of reading her book to students in Hartland International School in Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪 where they also participated in the reading. With illustrations that bring Matti and Massi to life, a wanderlust story that explores a beautiful city, and an insightful look into different places and cultures, we’re certain you’ll fall in love with this book. To read more about the author, check out her site HERE. While there, you can also sign up to get a free Matti and Massi activity worksheet.

Have you met Matti and Massi yet? If so, what’s your favorite part of their adventure? Let us know in the comments. If you haven’t had a chance to yet, order your copy of the brothers’ adventure HERE. Subscribe to Spring Cedars newsletter for future updates about Matti and Massi’s missions.

matti and massi missions, writing, children's books, picture books, new book, reading, kid's lit

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