Celebrate International Women's Day this 2023 with our inspiring female authors and strong female characters. 

GMR Womens Day 2023


Gina Moore is a professional writer in medical communications and education. As an endurance athlete, she thrives in trail and road running, as well as mountain, gravel, and road biking, racing in more than ten events annually. Gina hopes to move the dial of female representation in outdoor sports by encouraging girls to be brave and adventurous. Her middle-grade novel Catching Air received the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award.

"Imagine a world where we show up for races and feel like we belong and have found our people."



Danielle Lynch Nicholson is an award-winning former newspaper reporter and editor who resides in Pennsylvania with her family. When Danielle finds an unfinished writing assignment from fourth grade in a keepsake box, she decides to complete the story and publishes Bump Under the Rug (2021). The book celebrates imagination and inspires young girls to face their fears. It received the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award and the Readers Favorite 5-Star.

“During International Women’s Day, I would like to pay tribute to my inspirational teacher, the late Mrs. Marguerite Gotshall, who empowered me to become a children's book author.”

SFS Women's Day 2023


Sylvie Feghali Smith immigrated to the USA with her family in the eighties. While acclimating to the culture of her new country, she graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina with a B.S. and M.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Sylvie lives in South Carolina as a proud wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, software engineer, patented inventor, hiker, traveler, yogi, and tennis player. In 2019, Sylvie succeeded in visiting all forty seven South Carolina state parks.

"Sometimes, a woman dives to the bottom and climbing back up alone seems impossible. It is during such times that a support circle determines whether she sinks or swims."

ZHMD Womens Day 2023


Zeina Hamad earned her Master of Education from Marymount University and taught elementary school for over ten years in the United States, Spain, and Dubai. She has always enjoyed reading and learning, especially through travel experiences. Zeina loves the outdoors, dancing, and painting.

"The world would be in much better shape if women were in charge."

LZ Womes Day 2023


Lauren Zurcher was born in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Denver, Colorado when she was a kindergartner. She attended a bilingual elementary school where classes were taught in both English and French. Lauren began her journey as a lifelong writer at the age of six when she wrote about family vacations across the world in her journal.

"Today is an important opportunity to honor women. I urge you to think of three women in your life who have made a difference. Go thank them now!"

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