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International Children's Book Day

Today is International Children’s Book Day (ICBD)! Since 1967, on Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday (April 2), ICBD is celebrated to acknowledge children’s literature and inspire a lifelong love of reading. The event encourages families, teachers, and children to participate in reading activities in their community. Every year a different section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) has the opportunity to sponsor the ICBD. They decide on a theme and invite “a prominent author from the host country to write a message to the children of the world and a well-known illustrator to design a poster,” which is used to promote reading in schools, bookstores, and libraries. This year, the United States is the sponsor and the theme is “The Music of Words.”

Reading books is one of the most significant activities to bring the imagination to life, educate, and inspire. From The Tales of Peter Rabbit, to Dr Seuss, to Winnie the Pooh, a child’s introduction to storytelling is timeless. This Easter, we’d love for you to explore the story of a courageous bunny named Lucky, inspired by true events. Lucky looks just like any other cottontail baby rabbit, but after overcoming a number of obstacles, learning to accept help from others, and surviving some of the greatest dangers rabbits can face, Lucky proves to be one of a kind. To meet Lucky, check out our newest picture book They Call Me Lucky by Lauren Zurcher. You can purchase it HERE.

What was your favorite book as a kid? Let us know in the comments!

They Call Me Lucky Cover

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