They Call Me Lucky


By Lauren Zurcher

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Lucky looks just like any other cottontail baby rabbit, but after overcoming a number of obstacles, learning to accept help from others, and surviving some of the greatest dangers rabbits can face, Lucky proves to be one of a kind. 
Learn more about Lucky’s story and get a chance to see a picture of this real and very fortunate rabbit.

They Call Me Lucky
Lauren Zurcher
38 pages
11 x 8.5 in

Lauren Zurcher

Lauren Zurcher was born in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Denver, Colorado when she was a kindergartner. She attended a bilingual elementary school where classes were taught in both English and French. Lauren began her journey as a lifelong writer at the age of six when she wrote about family vacations across the world in her journal.

“The geography, peoples, fauna, and cultures I experience are the source of my inspiration.”

Lauren wishes to share these treasured moments with others through her creativity.

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