How to turn writing into a career

Writing isn’t easy, and anyone who has attempted to pursue it professionally will likely say the same thing. If you dream of being a writer, it can be difficult to know where to begin. However, the world needs writers, and writers can be found in nearly every industry. People communicate information, connect with others, and share stories through writing. But how can you turn that passion into a career?

Here are some ways you can build and expand upon your writing experiences.

Network with other writing professionals

As with any industry, the more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll likely have.

Writer’s conferences are an amazing way to meet publishing professionals and get your foot in the door. With the pandemic, many conferences have become virtual or are limiting the number of attendees. Some popular conferences include the Writer’s Digest Conference (which hosts the infamous Pitch Slam), the San Francisco Writers Conference, the Northern Colorado Writers Conference, and the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) in different cities. These conferences are a great place to meet bestselling authors, literary agents, editors, teachers, and other leaders and experts in the publishing industry.

Want more suggestions? Check out this list for 60 writing conferences for authors, bloggers, and editors.

Conferences can be expensive though. As an alternative, consider joining a writer’s association. Some are free while others require a membership fee. Writing organizations provide great resources for writers, including learning craft technique, providing support and critiques, connecting with agents and editors, and keeping up with publishing trends. There are organizations for nearly every genre, including nonfiction, poetry, novels, short stories, and genre fiction like romance, horror, sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, and more. Take a look at the Writer’s Relief list of local and national organizations for writers to find one that best suits you.

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Pursue roles that show your love for writing

From bookseller, to freelancer, to library volunteer, seek out opportunities where you’ll be immersed in the world of writing, reading, publishing, books, and any other subjects that relate to your goals. You never know what opportunities will arise or who you’ll meet.

Learn the different types of writing you can do

Writing is a vast realm. You can learn and master a wide range of writing-related skills that will be transferable from job to job. Some of the highest-paying writing jobs include technical writing, instructional writing, postsecondary English language teachers, copywriting, and medical writing.

Any experience with writing will help you in your future if you choose to pursue it professionally. Showing employers that you not only have experience, but also the drive to learn more and improve your craft across genres is important when looking for writing jobs. Check out The Write Life’s post on making a career out of writing for more tips and insight.


Have more questions about writing or where to start? We’re happy to help HERE.

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