The electronic book (ebook) is a multi-million dollar industry, and it continues to grow at a rapid rate.

What are the benefits of publishing an ebook?


  • Readers can purchase an ebook from anywhere and at any time, and it arrives instantly. 
  • Readers can carry an entire library on one device.
  • Global distribution is made easy.
  • Prices are affordable. 
  • The dynamic format allows readers to customize the content (adjusting font, brightness, and line spacing, adding notes and bookmarks, using text-to-speech features, and searching keywords).


  • Ebook are environmentally friendly. 
  • Paper, ink, and other materials and processes are not needed for production and distribution.
  • There is no waste with unsold or unwanted books.


  • There are zero printing, packaging, shipping, and storage expenses.
  • It is easy to update a manuscript and publish a newer edition digitally. 
  • Ebooks are a low-cost marketing tool (links can be included and there is a feature to share with multiple users).
  • Sales are increasing every year.

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