Music and Writing

Many people adopt habits that get them into a writing mood. One of the most popular strategies is listening to music, which often helps writers immerse themselves in a setting, prepare to craft an epic fight scene, or establish the atmosphere of their story. Listening to music either before or during writing triggers creativity due to the “input/output” concept. If you’re not consuming enough creativity, your output will be affected. Listening to music (input) allows for more creative self-expression in your writing (output).

According to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, there is a link between music and motivation and by extension, a link between positive emotions and creativity. Listening to music improves your mood, sharpens listening skills, and enhances critical thinking—all of which help during the creative writing process.

In contrast, neuroscientists from Radboud University found that listening to music while reading can be distracting and disruptive since you’re inputting two creative sources and overloading the region of the brain that processes language and music.

So after a quiet afternoon reading, pick your favorite song and write that epic scene!

Do you listen to music when writing? If so, what’s your favorite genre? Tell us in the comments!

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