Matti & Massi Missions Washington, DC


By Zeina Hamad
Illustrated by Ana Karina Quintero Villafraz

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Meet adventure-seeking brothers in a race against time to complete missions around the globe.
Matti and Massi touch down in the United States of America and are handed their Mission Bag and Mission Checklist. Guided by their local Mission Coach Nia, they must perform six tasks before their flight takes off for home. Can they catch a butterfly? How many flags are there around the Washington Monument? Who is Jordan, and why is she talking with her hands?
Join Matti and Massi on their journey through Washington, DC and help them collect evidence before time runs out.
Let’s go!
Features American Sign Language
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Matti and Massi Missions Washington, DC
Zeina Hamad, Illustrated by Ana Karina Quintero Villafraz
52 pages
8.5 x 8.5 in

Zeina Hamad

Zeina Hamad earned her Master of Education from Marymount University and taught elementary school for over ten years in the United States, Spain, and Dubai. She has always enjoyed reading and learning, especially through travel experiences. Zeina loves the outdoors, dancing, and painting.

“Writing Matti and Massi Missions allows me to reminisce on the beautiful places I have been while adding the excitement and adventure through a kid’s eyes.”

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