I Have Four Eyes


By Roberta C. Stone
Illustrated by Lauren Zurcher
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“Why must I have four eyes when most of us have two?” asks a little girl who dislikes wearing glasses. 

Mama tells her stories about Impressionist painters who created beautiful artwork. They had a unique perspective when viewing the world, just like her daughter.

Having two different ways of seeing is not a detriment, it is a gift. I Have Four Eyes encourages everyone to love what they are and embrace what they have.

About the Author: Roberta C. Stone is a retired History teacher with a Master’s in Education as well as a journalist for The New York Times, Connecticut Magazine, and The Connecticut Post. Entrepreneurial in nature, she has a jewelry business, a knitted headwear business, and a travel blog. Roberta is the mother of three daughters and grandmother of six.

About the Illustrator: Lauren Zurcher is an award-winning children’s book illustrator from Colorado. She began her journey as an artist when drawing about family vacations across the world. The geography, peoples, fauna, and culture are the source of her inspiration. Lauren lives in New York and loves bringing stories to life with colorful and playful visuals.


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