Amelia, You Are!


By Charlie Tran
Illustrated by Lauren Zurcher
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It’s time for the Spring Talent Show at school, and all the students have already signed up, except for Amelia. She has no idea what her talents are, much less what to perform. As the event approaches, Amelia’s parents remind her of all the great things she does.

Will Amelia discover her amazing talent in time for the show?

About the Author: Charlie Tran was born in Texas and lives there today. As an Early Childhood Educator for nearly six years, he taught kinderprep and summer camp programs. Tran’s favorite part of the job was reading books to his students. With his own children’s book, he hopes to encourage young readers to discover self-love and ambition. In addition to learning, Tran enjoys fitness, fashion, and good food. For more, visit @writtenbycharlietran.

About the Illustrator: Lauren Zurcher is an award-winning children’s book illustrator from Colorado. She began her journey as an artist when drawing about family vacations across the world. The geography, peoples, fauna, and culture are the source of her inspiration. Lauren lives in New York and loves bringing stories to life with colorful and playful visuals.

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