The Source: Galactic Steps (Book 2)


By A.J. Witt
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Book 2 in The Source Series 
An explosive and amusing sequel to fantasy sci-fi novel, The Source: Origins. Adept brothers Edvon and Kyran have been abducted along with a small group of Overseers, bounty hunters, and other Phaidrosians. Who are their captors? Where are they going? What is beyond the Dominion? Step onto the flying SPC to unlock the mysteries that fill this action-packed adventure!

The Source: Galactic Steps
A.J. Witt
306 pages
6 x 9 in

A.J. Witt

A.J. Witt lives in Manhattan and writes under a pseudonym. He is a corporate attorney by day and by night. At dawn and dusk, he uses his wild imagination to create fantastical worlds.

“Creating worlds and bringing imagined characters to life has been a lifelong dream of mine. The Source series was inspired by my love for adventures, fantasy, and sci-fi.”

In September, A.J. Witt released the first book in the series. The Source: Origins is an action adventure novel set in a medieval futuristic world that is struggling to maintain a fragile peace. Fascinating characters caught in complex parallel plots, mystery and conflict, fantasy and science fiction, humor and romance. It’s a page turner!

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