Rebirth of Free Verse: Man Meets Woman


By j.e.Rosser
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Experience Man Meets Woman, part of the Rebirth of Free Verse series, where literary boundaries are transcended by the melding of poetry and journalism, emotion and investigation, chaos and structure.

This collection of poems, including pheromones, Eyes Wide Shut, American Rose, and phone call, captures the essence of relationships and gender identity in the United States. Join j.e.Rosser as he explores the meaning of man and woman. 

About the Author: j.e.Rosser grew up in a family of avid readers and obtained his first library card at the age of six. He finds inspiration in journalism and history, and enjoys studying Walt Whitman, Erica Jong, and Langston Hughes. Rosser isn’t afraid to challenge traditional forms of writing. He aspires to take poetry to uncommon places, to meet unconventional people, and in the process, make a contribution to the craft as a passionate journo-poet. Apart from eating, drinking, and sleeping poetry, Rosser spends much of his time in nature as a runner and cyclist. You may also find him roaming the casinos.

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