37/83: A Book of Poetry


By Marco A. Soto
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From time to time, we experience the feeling of déjà vu. Have I gone through this already? With the slightest awareness that perhaps our minds are much further ahead than our bodies, we transcend into this state of familiarity.
In 37/83, a collection of personal poems, Marco A. Soto shares random moments captured in passing but forever etched on his mind. These reflections take place between 1983, the year Soto was born, and March 7th, 2022, the day he compiled his poems into a single œuvre.
Soto invites you to adopt a different set of eyes and heart, and allow yourself to wander away, or wonder why.

37/83: A Book of Poetry
Marco A. Soto
86 pages
5.5 x 8.5 in

Marco A. Soto

Marco A. Soto was born and raised in Guatemala. At school, he would think about the external world through his voracious curiosity and love for the outdoors. On Sundays, while others attended church, the Soto family went to the soccer field to watch their father play. At the age of thirteen, Marco A. Soto moved to New Jersey, graduated from high school, and joined the United States Marine Corps. These ten years of service and travel were instrumental to Marco A. Soto’s growth. Today, he is rekindling his appreciation for nature and enjoys collecting, growing, buying, selling, and donating plants. Poetry enables Marco A. Soto to reflect on specific moments and stages of his life.

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